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It's In The Bag

As of the past four or five years, I've become a very light traveler. I just bring my Cath Kidston weekender on most of my trips—even on longer trips that have lasted closer to a month. 

I put together a little packing mood board for my ten day trip to Europe later this month. The only thing I might add is a fancier dress for the art opening (one I could wear with the black boots).

I also made a little GIF to give you an idea of all the outfits you can create with these pieces!


Traveling to: Brighton + London!

(Photo via Passport Life on Tumblr).

I am thrilled to be going on a 10 day trip to Brighton, London and Berlin in a week! My mother's boyfriend is organizing an art show in Berlin at the Jewish Museum. While I was initially not planning to join them, it turns out my grandmother from Poland is coming along. Her 79th birthday was just this past week and I decided that this was the perfect way to celebrate!

Since I am only spending about 60 hours in the UK, I need to plan wisely! I was last in London 3 years ago. I also studied abroad in London for 10 months in 2009-10 and it will always be one of my favorite cities. I am so excited to revisit some of my favorite haunts and discover new places!

I'll head to Brighton the day I get in (Friday) and spend the night at my friend Nora's house. I'm so excited to explore, jetlag-be-damned. I've never been before! I can't wait to check out the colorful huts along the beach. Fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate.

(Photo by Kotomi_ on Flickr). 

Saturday, I plan to take an early train into London. I'm looking forward to having breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants—Caravan. They make a bomb cornbread french toast, and roast their own coffee. The fact that their (original) location is located on the adorable Exmouth Market is just a sweet, sweet bonus. I'll be staying in Islington, near Angel station so that I can be in my favorite neighborhood! I will definitely be stopping to have a pot of delicious tea at Yumchaa, perhaps the Blueberry Hill of the Regents Park—I'm bringing back as much loose-leaf tea as I can fit in my carry on!

I'd absolutely love to have afternoon tea at Sketch. Though I think a more budget-friendly option would be stopping in for a drink at the bar. This is definitely on my to-do list!

Mostly, I love to wander London's beautiful streets (please don't rain!). I'm excited to squeeze in some time with friends and relatives who live in the area, too!

More travel updates soon!


Travel #Goals

Happy 2016, all!

One of my favorite things about 2015 was the amount I was able to travel! I had some truly amazing experiences—I visited New Orleans a whole lot (where I saw three friends tie the knot!), I went to Florida with Matthew and his family, I traveled to Charleston with my girlfriends for an epic long weekend, and I went on an awesome roadtrip from New Orleans to Oakland with my favorite travel buddy! I stopped and visited a dear friend in Boulder, CO on my way back. The year certainly had it's ups and downs, but I feel so fortunate to have made those lifelong memories.

Since I'm not one for resolutions (though I may have a few, secretly), I decided to post about places I'd LOVE to visit in 2016, and beyond.

Photo by froglickimages on Instagram.

1. Florida Keys
Ever since binge-watching Bloodline on Netflix, Matthew and I have been dying to take a trip out to the Florida Keys! When I was younger, I rarely traveled within the US (my family is European and most of my extended relatives live abroad). Since college, I've really enjoyed getting to explore more of the United States. It's amazing how much geographical diversity we have here!

Photo by _nicorpas on Instagram.

2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
I haven't been skiing in 12 years—since I was a teenager—but I would really love to go skiing again. I'd be thrilled to go on a weekend trip somewhere closer to the New York area, but word has it that Jackson Hole is on a whole other level—and also closer to the kind of slopes I've experienced in the past.

Photo by Tina Kantro on Instagram.

3. Santorini, Greece 

Santorini is one of my favorite places I've ever been, and I don't think it will ever get old. Yes, it is touristy... but with good reason. It's been a few years, and I've been dying to get back to Greece. Matthew has never been to Greece and it would be such a great trip to take together!

Photo by Via Volunteers

4. Cape Town, South Africa 

Not only does it look absolutely stunning, but I have a friend living in Johannesburg that I'd love to see, and bring along for the ride!

Photo by James Balog via National Geographic.

5. Iceland 

Iceland has been a hot destination these past few years, and I can see why. It's about as long a flight from NY as California and, I mean, hello hot springs! I've never visited a place like this in my life. I've also always wanted to experience the long days of the summer solstice in northern Europe.

6. Los Angeles, LA

So I've been to LA three times now, twice to visit my dear friend Katherine at Occidental in our college years, and this past year on my roadtrip. The stopover in LA was less than 24 hours, but in that time we managed to watch the sunset on Venice beach, wander the Venice canals and dip our feet in the Santa Monica waters! It didn't take me long to see why people are drawn to LA (despite all the hate it receives!). I can see why commuting in LA would be the ultimate nightmare, but as a visitor... I'd love to explore more! With friends and Matthew's family there, I'd love to go back for a longer visit.

Can't wait to see where 2016 takes me!


Beach Vibes

Today was a cold day in NYC, but the spring vibes have been in air these past couple of weeks. My mind is already in Florida, where we'll be traveling to for Easter weekend. I feel more than ready to pack away my chunky sweaters and trade them in for lightweight cotton dresses! I may be getting a bit ahead of myself, but my thoughts wandered even farther away, to Santorini, for the color inspiration of this post.

1. swell - santorini bottle / 2. loft - floppy straw hat / 3. cos - contrast striped dress / 4. drifting arrows - sisal tote / 5. all black - bold flower slip-ons /

Not pictured, but I'm totally digging this swimsuit.

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